Monday, December 11, 2017

2017 In Review

Before school with the threat
that if he didn't smile,
I'd wait until the bus came
to hug and kiss him.
So just a little about what's happened this year. 

He left second grade with straight A’s and one of the highest Accelerated Reader points in the school. Each book he reads is worth a certain amount of points and after he finishes the book, he takes a quiz to receive the points. He read a couple books in the Harry Potter series which led to his Halloween costume. He played baseball in the spring and his team went undefeated for the season, while being named Pinto baseball champions in their league. He then went on to play tackle football for the first time, and well…he learned a lot. He started third grade with a great class that seems to work well in groups, Christmas Around the World with 11 different countries will finish out the first half of school. Lane is also wrestling through the winter and finds joy in practicing with his 4-year-old sister…Morgan, however, doesn’t find it nearly as entertaining. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

No More School

This week is now the third week of school for my son and well, to be very honest, I hate school. Does my son know how much I don't want him to go - no, he looks forward to each day. Especially certain days with computer lab and gym. And he really enjoys riding the bus, especially in the morning. Even after the eleventh day, I still feel like a little piece of my heart is being ripped at when he walks out the door.

Last week I thought, okay, second week and I'm doing much better than the collapse of a weeping/sobbing mess on the driveway as my husband coaxed, "it'll get easier." For two weeks, I could handle it, I did handle it, but now, I'm ready to be done. For those two weeks, it gave my son something to do, a break from his little sister, he got to meet new friends, and got to do fun things...but I just want it to be over.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Nail Polish

This only shows a little of the mess. 
Baby sister really enjoys dumping, throwing, and pitching items out of a container. Whether that's my purse, a basket, or toy boxes, everything gets removed.

It's actually cute when she throws it out and over her little head. Well it's cute cute the first time, even the second time, but after the fifth time in different rooms, it's not quite so adorable. It gets to be a little exhausting but she thinks it's great and has so much fun.

I have had a bag in the bedroom sitting on the floor that had a variety of things in it: a jump rope, a toothbrush, bottles of nail polish, and kid tub tablets (the ones that change the color of the bath water). Well baby sister loved ripping the items out of the bag whenever she was in my room so I never emptied the bag to put things in their spot. It kept her occupied.

Silly Momma!!!

A couple of days ago my husband and son were fixing something in the master bathroom, I was putting laundry away, and baby sister was emptying the bag. Giggling and throwing things out. Just as I reached into the closet to put towels aways I heard the crack of glass. She took two nail polish bottles and smacked them together with all of her one-year-old might.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Vacation's All I Ever Wanted

In early June we went on vacation, two weeks after the birthday party madness, and in these two weeks our family jumped around singing "...vacation's all I ever wanted..." Well I jumped and sang, my husband, not so much of the jumping. We had a lot of things going on before vacation, the birthday party, my son's preschool graduation, baseball ending with a huge tournament, and we didn't have a lot of time to obsess over the details of the biggest decision...when do we leave?

Driving to the Outer Banks and in the car for 10 hours with two kids. Um, when do we start the drive? My husband and I had a huge discussion over this and what we thought was best based on previous experiences that seemed to fail. We eventually decided to leave at 3:30 a.m. and move the kids from their beds to the car in hopes they'd sleep until we needed to stop for breakfast. To say that I worried about the drive is the understatement of the year. My kids typically don't travel well, I don't travel well...I just don't like being in the car for a long period of poor husband. BUT, everyone did amazingly well. I couldn't have asked for a better road trip. The baby girl slept, my son was entertained with The Lego Movie and games, we stopped twice - once for breakfast and once to stretch before arriving in North Carolina. I'm still a little shocked about the traveling. 

As for the actual vacation, our family had such a great time. Our son loved playing in the pool and building sandcastles on the beach and the baby girl loved sitting near the ocean and having the waves splash over her legs. 

Hanging out at the little pool.

Big brother did a really good job pulling baby sister in her boat. 

Stealing brother's sand toys.


A visit from a little friend.

Playing lifeguard.

Building more sandcastles.

Chocolate covered marshmallows from Forbes Candies.

Baby sister in her boat.

Swimming in the big pool. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Birthday Party Fun

I can say that I haven't posted because it's summer and we love to be outside, or that my son is no longer in preschool, or even the baby is getting older and more active but the truth is...I haven't posted because well, I've been lackadaisical about it. I also have been posting pictures on Instagram, which is great because it reminds me to take photos, please consider checking it out.

asvonavec on Instagram!

Our family has actually had a lot going on, at the end of May we had a shared birthday party for the kiddos and I probably went a little overboard. Last year our son turned five but I just had the baby girl so we didn't have a big party. We had some family over for pizza and cake but little friends weren't invited. I actually had planned to have family at our house the weekend I was in the hospital, so we postponed the small celebration. Anyway, I felt a ton of guilt because our son had asked to invite his class and friends, and I couldn't do it. So this year we made up for it. Plus it was the baby girl's first birthday.