Friday, October 30, 2009

New Home

We recently signed papers for the bank to own our new home for the next 30 years. : ) We are ecstatic, to put it mildly.
You see the end of summer and most of fall we have been living in a trailer park out in the middle of nowhere. I grew up in a small-small town but compared to this place, the small town I was raised in would be considered a city. While living in BFE we had quite a few experiences. The next few blogs will allow you to have just a glimpse into our last couple of months.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Noisy Kid At Church

I used to sit in church and wonder why they wouldn't have a nursery for all the kids or at least the babies...I don't believe I'm alone on this and if anyone was at the service that my child and I went to, I'm positive they wanted one that Sunday.
We started out in a pew, we always START out in a pew, and it's where we end up that constantly is a guessing game. My little guy was starting to get a little rambunctious, so I pulled out some toys. That did not work for more than a few seconds. Then we went on to the newsletter, and that was okay until he started ripping it. Then he reached for the church missal and the hymn booklet. So we hurried and moved on to the cheerios, thank goodness for cheerios. Breakfast in the pew lasted for a little over five minutes. Everyone may think this is quite quick but anything that works for a little while is a blessing. Little bit of milk and he was ready to move. I couldn't let him down or he would certainly crawl off so we bounced, then we stood up to sing, yes...noise! And it's not only coming from my little guy!
The priest begins to read and that's it, no more quiet...he's screaming, so we get up and go to the back, still in the main room...we sit down on the floor...maybe this will be enough...big fat NOPE! We move back in foyer and we are on the ground. The little guy sees boxes filled with things that are donations for the poor. (The child loves to dump out anything, especially my purse and his toy box.) He's trying to grab things out of the boxes, okay so we move around a little. A woman and her elderly mother arrive to church a little late and the mother needs to sit, so her daughter pulls out a wheelchair, my child's eyes light up...he thinks he can play with the rolling wheels. Oh boy!
As I'm trying to entertain him with things from my giant purse I'm also trying to right out a check for the collection...just as I'm placing in the basket, he reaches and grabs it out of my hand. So then I have to take it away, more squeals. We made it to communion and then had to leave just before the last song.

Monday, June 15, 2009

First 5K

My husband, the little guy, and I successfully completed my first ever 5K. I have to admit, I was very worried about making it the three miles. I have walked with the little guy in the stroller three miles over the course of a day but never in one solid shot. I not only was worried about me being able to walk that far but also if he would be content to stay in the stroller for the entire time. (Walking and holding him can be a pain, literally pains in the back and arm ) I never needed to worry about my husband walking that far, he probably does more than that in a day at work. But we all made it and we didn't even come in last. Thank goodness for cheerios, milk, and the pacifier; they all helped to keep him happy.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Lots of Cake

His first birthday party was full of cake, cake, and more cake. Thank goodness I only bought a small smash cake because the little guy ate, and ate, and ate lots of icing. He couldn't get enough, it was so sweet. Everyone enjoyed watching him smash it all over his face. I have to say, I enjoyed it too.
I just can't believe how fast time goes. It's amazing to think that a year ago I was pregnant and now I have this wonderful little person who is going to turn one. I cry when I think about it...I now have an idea of what my mom meant when she said, "I wish I could keep you little." I probably have not even started to grasp the full aspect of those little words but I am starting to, and it's almost scary to think how you can blink and your child is now one, or whatever age they are turning.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ashes, Ashes, It's All Over Him

Yesterday my husband got our quarter of a beef and as he was unloading it, I was putting it the freezer. He placed the large boxes near me and I was dividing and trying to organize it on the shelves. I mentioned for him to keep an eye on the baby because I couldn't see him and this was going to take me a couple minutes. And our son only needs seconds to get into something.
About five minutes into this small project my husband yelled, "oh, oh no, no, get out of that. Oh don't eat it!" I dropped everything and went running, but I was too late. Instead of seeing my fresh faced little boy, I saw a little boy absolutely covered in ashes and grinning from ear to ear. He had crawled over to a bucket where we keep the ashes from our wood burner and dumped the entire bucket onto his lap. But he quickly decided that it wasn't enough to just play in it, he had to taste them.
Now, I should have raced to get the camera to take a picture of this classic moment and then show him the picture in years down the road but instead I swiped my fingers in his mouth to get all of it out, took him to the sink washing his hands, face, arms, legs, feet, shoes, and hurried to get his clothes off before he touched anything. He just smiled and was so proud of himself. He thinks it's a blast when I have to rinse him in the sink. Sorry to say this wasn't the first time he's been rinsed off in the sink. Oh, what a mess!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wheels Are Turning

Did you ever look at someone and it's as if you can see the wheels turning in their head? It's been quite a week, my son is cutting more teeth and I'm sure it's painful. I hate thinking about him hurting. Not to mention that he had a fall at daycare and broke open his gums which let the one tooth be visible. (Wasn't thrilled at all about this, but daycare is a whole different topic.) I went into the bathroom and sat him down so I could find his little teething tablets and when I pulled him up onto my lap he just happened to notice the toilet paper. You could see his eyes grow wide with excitement and he wanted down. You could almost see the little wheels turning and him thinking I'm going to get all of that off and have it everywhere. I just have this feeling that one of these days I'm going to walk in to the bathroom and see all of it on the ground and him smiling in the middle.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Three Special Drops

Today was so very special; this is the first year that I got to be a mom on Mother's Day. My wonderful husband woke me up to two beautiful cards, one from him and one from my ornery son that told me I'm the best Mommy ever. I also received a coffee gift card, oh some mornings I just can't get the day started without it. And if you knew my husband you would know that he's not particularly fond of me drinking coffee so it was extra sweet, but we are getting away from the three special presents.

First our family decided to go to the store to get top soil for our landscaping projects and a small gardening shovel. When we got out of the car we smelled something that wasn't exactly roses. Okay back in the car and on our way home to get the little one cleaned up and then have some lunch. I had asked to go out for ice cream after lunch; our whole family loves it, even the dog. We load up in the car, we arrive and again we smell something that wasn't exactly roses. Seriously how many times will this child go in a day?! We all had a nice relaxing afternoon, everyone was asleep so I decided to be outside for a little while. Dinner is now over and I needed to run out one last time for bread (I forgot this when I was grocery shopping and if you are wondering why please see broken eggs post and you will understand) so my husband can have lunch. Baby and I arrive at the store and when I go to get him out of the car seat, again I smell something that wasn't exactly roses.

Third times a charm! He hates the car seat so I think he may be doing it out of spite.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Broken Eggs

The grocery trip for me is always an adventure; I guess that's one way to look at it. I'm never really sure if I'm going to leave the store with what I needed or even if I'll have any bags in my hands when I do get to the car. Sometimes you read things in a magazine or hear something on television about a mom or dad having to leave the store because their child is having a meltdown...that sometimes is me! I've actually gotten over half of the shopping down and my little guy just can't take being there anymore and lets me and anyone in a ten mile radius know that he is not happy and we must leave immediately.

Well, tonight was quite a little adventure, of course we went through trying to eat my grocery list (this always happens), trying to tear apart any coupons I may have, throwing toys, and the usual trying to get me to pick him up so he doesn't have to sit in the cart. This last one is my personal favorite. Have you ever tried to hold a squirming 11 month old, push a full cart, and try to get something off the bottom shelf? Quite fun! But I have to say, I made it to the check out counter and inside I am jumping for joy...this is it, the last stretch before the finish line. We are waiting in line and my little guy is reaching for the magazines beside us; caught it before he ripped it, yes, and one point for mom. He reaches back and grabs the buns; moved it before he smashed them, yes, two points for mom. Someone says hi to me and I turn my head to say hello...oh no, I turned my head! Just as I look back at my son, he has already reached onto the conveyer belt, somehow managed to get the eggs open and pull them off. Every single one of those eggs fell and broke, and one amazing point for baby. I just looked at him and said well you managed to break all of them. He looked up at me with those big innocent eyes and just smiled. He was so proud, Mommy was so embarrassed.

Two out of three isn't bad right?!