Monday, June 15, 2009

First 5K

My husband, the little guy, and I successfully completed my first ever 5K. I have to admit, I was very worried about making it the three miles. I have walked with the little guy in the stroller three miles over the course of a day but never in one solid shot. I not only was worried about me being able to walk that far but also if he would be content to stay in the stroller for the entire time. (Walking and holding him can be a pain, literally pains in the back and arm ) I never needed to worry about my husband walking that far, he probably does more than that in a day at work. But we all made it and we didn't even come in last. Thank goodness for cheerios, milk, and the pacifier; they all helped to keep him happy.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Lots of Cake

His first birthday party was full of cake, cake, and more cake. Thank goodness I only bought a small smash cake because the little guy ate, and ate, and ate lots of icing. He couldn't get enough, it was so sweet. Everyone enjoyed watching him smash it all over his face. I have to say, I enjoyed it too.
I just can't believe how fast time goes. It's amazing to think that a year ago I was pregnant and now I have this wonderful little person who is going to turn one. I cry when I think about it...I now have an idea of what my mom meant when she said, "I wish I could keep you little." I probably have not even started to grasp the full aspect of those little words but I am starting to, and it's almost scary to think how you can blink and your child is now one, or whatever age they are turning.