Tuesday, September 16, 2014

No More School

This week is now the third week of school for my son and well, to be very honest, I hate school. Does my son know how much I don't want him to go - no, he looks forward to each day. Especially certain days with computer lab and gym. And he really enjoys riding the bus, especially in the morning. Even after the eleventh day, I still feel like a little piece of my heart is being ripped at when he walks out the door.

Last week I thought, okay, second week and I'm doing much better than the collapse of a weeping/sobbing mess on the driveway as my husband coaxed, "it'll get easier." For two weeks, I could handle it, I did handle it, but now, I'm ready to be done. For those two weeks, it gave my son something to do, a break from his little sister, he got to meet new friends, and got to do fun things...but I just want it to be over.