Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Noisy Kid At Church

I used to sit in church and wonder why they wouldn't have a nursery for all the kids or at least the babies...I don't believe I'm alone on this and if anyone was at the service that my child and I went to, I'm positive they wanted one that Sunday.
We started out in a pew, we always START out in a pew, and it's where we end up that constantly is a guessing game. My little guy was starting to get a little rambunctious, so I pulled out some toys. That did not work for more than a few seconds. Then we went on to the newsletter, and that was okay until he started ripping it. Then he reached for the church missal and the hymn booklet. So we hurried and moved on to the cheerios, thank goodness for cheerios. Breakfast in the pew lasted for a little over five minutes. Everyone may think this is quite quick but anything that works for a little while is a blessing. Little bit of milk and he was ready to move. I couldn't let him down or he would certainly crawl off so we bounced, then we stood up to sing, yes...noise! And it's not only coming from my little guy!
The priest begins to read and that's it, no more quiet...he's screaming, so we get up and go to the back, still in the main room...we sit down on the floor...maybe this will be enough...big fat NOPE! We move back in foyer and we are on the ground. The little guy sees boxes filled with things that are donations for the poor. (The child loves to dump out anything, especially my purse and his toy box.) He's trying to grab things out of the boxes, okay so we move around a little. A woman and her elderly mother arrive to church a little late and the mother needs to sit, so her daughter pulls out a wheelchair, my child's eyes light up...he thinks he can play with the rolling wheels. Oh boy!
As I'm trying to entertain him with things from my giant purse I'm also trying to right out a check for the collection...just as I'm placing in the basket, he reaches and grabs it out of my hand. So then I have to take it away, more squeals. We made it to communion and then had to leave just before the last song.