Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hair Cuts

First hair cut.
My child has never liked getting his hair cut, let alone trying to convince him that he needs to put gel in it. He will comb it, even let me comb it, but absolutely no gel, not even water. I'm not sure why he can't stand it but he doesn't tolerate it well. I see those moms on Pinterest that tell you how to cut a little boy's hair, well I'm no where near up to that challenge. First, I don't think I could manage to keep it even and second, I don't think he'd sit still long enough for me to try. I do buzz cut his hair when it gets hot in the summer and let it grow long enough for a nice cut before school. 

Yes, that's even a smile.
We now go to a local Sports Clips because he believes it's where "boys go to get their hair cut." The first couple of times weren't smooth sailing but because we have to keep it short or momma puts water on before school our little guy has learned to not freak out or scream. Now he squirms because things tickle but he doesn't complain about the water until we get in the car. And then I hear, "why do they spray that water all over my head? I don't understand why they do that. I don't like it!" To be honest, I'm not sure why they don't wash their hair. That's my favorite part when I get mine trimmed. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Moving vs. Children's Museum

I mentioned in an earlier post about our family moving and even though I was extremely excited about getting into a new home the actual moving process...well, I was dreading. I lost sleep, had high anxiety and even believe I had mild panic attacks over it. I had worried my husband enough that he asked me to  leave on the big day of moving. I think he wanted me to be present at the house to help organize the people and make decisions on where large furniture should go but we decided on furniture before the big day. The part I had dreaded was the people portion of this process. I love my family for helping and am very grateful but this was the anxiety portion and he knew that so he told me to go do something. He had thought maybe I could go shopping but that's not really a day that I see as a lot of fun. (And yes, I can hear some of you gasp because a lot of people love to shop but shopping with a four-year-old doesn't equal fun for me.) As much as I was stressing out, I probably wouldn't have been required to take our son, but there's no way I would have ever done that. He's moving all of us into a new home, then I'm definitely taking our son to do something.
Climbing up to the top.

We decided I'd finally take our little guy to the Pittsburgh Children's Museum for the first time. If you ever get the opportunity to take your child...GO! We had an absolute blast that day and typically our family isn't an all day venue type of family unless it's a pool or beach for vacation but we spent about five hours visiting. I highly recommend it and my guy was a little skeptical because he didn't think it would be hands-on and playing with momma all day. The museum has so many things to do for all ages of little ones. Even when you first enter they have this monstrous climbing maze that goes up into the second floor but is caged so they can't fall but parents can see their children at all times. I even ran to the top of the second floor when he got to the very top to surprise him. "Mom, how did you even get up here?" It was cute because he didn't see the stairs. My son actually stayed climbing up and down for quite some time. He gained more confidence of his climbing abilities each time. Bracing himself against the cage to reach areas he wouldn't normal be able to reach. 

Pulling and pushing the levers
to make this guy move. 
I have to say we went to each exhibit/area and tried almost everything, from the circuitry station to running on a kids treadmill making the gears spin in order to rotate the tires. We pulled levers to move this big wooden guy and let me tell you, it took all 38 pounds of my son to pull and push some of the levers, but he loved that when he really tried, he successfully made the guy move. 

The last exhibit we visited was the arts center, which in hindsight we probably should have done first so everything he made could dry but we will know for next time.

Making paper
Screen printing

I highly recommend and strongly urge you to take your child or children and visit if you can. We had a great, fun day.