Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hair Cuts

First hair cut.
My child has never liked getting his hair cut, let alone trying to convince him that he needs to put gel in it. He will comb it, even let me comb it, but absolutely no gel, not even water. I'm not sure why he can't stand it but he doesn't tolerate it well. I see those moms on Pinterest that tell you how to cut a little boy's hair, well I'm no where near up to that challenge. First, I don't think I could manage to keep it even and second, I don't think he'd sit still long enough for me to try. I do buzz cut his hair when it gets hot in the summer and let it grow long enough for a nice cut before school. 

Yes, that's even a smile.
We now go to a local Sports Clips because he believes it's where "boys go to get their hair cut." The first couple of times weren't smooth sailing but because we have to keep it short or momma puts water on before school our little guy has learned to not freak out or scream. Now he squirms because things tickle but he doesn't complain about the water until we get in the car. And then I hear, "why do they spray that water all over my head? I don't understand why they do that. I don't like it!" To be honest, I'm not sure why they don't wash their hair. That's my favorite part when I get mine trimmed. 

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