Thursday, December 19, 2013

Lego Maniac - only the 2013/2014 edition

Do you remember the Zack the Lego Maniac commercial from the 80s? Well I have the lego maniac, but it's not Zack.

What does my little guy want from Santa, yes, Legos, Legos, and more Legos. Oh and don't forget that anyone that asked him what he'd like for Christmas, like his grandparents, he of course said Legos.

Keep in mind we already have what I think is a ton but they were all in one big container, so I mentioned it might be easier to sort all the colors and then build everything we have with the directions. I'm a little OCD and like to organize things like that - not things like my kitchen. Yes, my husband and son thought this was a great idea, but mom was voted the person to sort. I actually heard, "mom, you're pretty good at sorting, better than me, so maybe you should just do it."

After getting each color in it's own gallon bag, my son started to build some of the littler trucks and things he had the directions for. He loves building and constructing over and over but to sit and watch how fast he is while I tried to keep up by building a helicopter, I was impressed to say the very least. We decided after we each built one piece, well he did two, that we'd build together. Sounds fun and special, right?! Well…it was both of those but it also was competitive. In order to participate I had to keep up because now and then it turned into a race to find the right pieces. Actually, it was very special for me, although the little baby girl hated it. She screamed for the majority of the time whenever we worked on all the projects because she wasn't the focus.

Because Santa will probably deliver more Legos he wanted to leave everything built so his pieces wouldn't mix - at least not yet.

This is probably just over the halfway point. 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Thankful Tree

This year I decided to put up a thankful tree and each day our son needed to name one thing he is thankful for and then I would write it on a leaf to hang in our tree. We started on the first day of November and stopped on Thanksgiving Day, and depending on your requirements, this can get tough for a 5-year old. We didn't allow him to name family members separate - he said family for his first leaf and then wasn't allowed to name mom, dad, or grandparents. He also said 'friends' which meant he couldn't name specific friends; he really needed to put thought into what he did say. Towards the end we helped because after about 20 days, it was difficult.

He liked trying to think of things each night and it made him realize he has a lot to be thankful for - which was my goal :). 

It's a simple thing to do but has a lot of meaning and I think it's great to do before the Christmas season.

His leaves - no special order…
going camping with dad
hot chocolate after playing in the snow
thanksgiving and turkey too
movie day at school
new pajamas for pj day
huge bed
friends at school
my sister
going fishing
my house
my teacher
donuts for breakfast
getting juice
my room
having mom make me lunch
my school