Thursday, June 13, 2013

New House, Pregnancy, and Now...New Baby

With everything that has been going on I haven't blogged is a while, which is silly because I've actually had a good bit of things to write about and now as I sit down to actually post, where do I begin?

We had moved into our new home and just as we started getting a little more comfortable my husband and I found out we needed our whole electrical system upgraded because of safety issues, the toilet upstairs (that the painters broke) was more of a major project, and the air conditioner needed serviced...twice because they previous owner hadn't used it in years and the first part was j-u-n-k.

The electricians came to upgrade our system and the only issue we ran into besides getting it updated was they unknowingly pinched a wire inside the electrical box and soon after they left, 75% of the power went out in the upstairs part of the house. Thankfully, they were able to come back the next day. Please know that I'm not complaining about the electricians because I would and will recommend them to anyone. My issue is with the previous owner not seeing the huge safety issue of having a bad electrical system.

Now as far as the painters - I'm completely complaining about them. They broke the toilet - the master bathroom one in our new house! However, I have no way of proving it so it just needed fixed. (Side note - they did a good job with the paint.) Anyway, I asked my dad to help - he's good at this sort of stuff and my husband had already replaced many parts and nothing seemed to work. My dad helped us fix the plumbing underneath the kitchen sink and then moved to the bathroom. Like anyone working on plumbing issues, we shut off the water around 1pm and took apart valves only to find out the pipe had at one time froze and swelled. After two  trips to the local Lowe's, about six hours of working on it, and no water, it was time to call a plumber who thankfully came to our house at 9pm to fix it. Details of this are mind-numbing so we'll skip that, on the the air conditioning.

At nine months pregnant and an 80 degree house, I finally broke and said we have to try the air conditioning and hope it works, prior to getting it serviced. And when I saw the thermostat say 75 degrees I said I think it's going to keep working but my husband thought it would be best to continue with the service appointment. Just in case. A week later a technician came to look at it, turned out that he fixed a part that would soon short out, good call on the husband's part because I would have cancelled. Only problem he replaced the part with a part that was j-u-n-k so he eventually had to come back out and replace the same part again because we were without ac for three days over three of the hottest days in May.

The same day the technician came the first time was the same day my son had a play-date at the house. Two four-year-olds for about six hours at nine months pregnant...yes, I was exhausted at the end of the day!!! They both had so much fun and I would do it over again if given the opportunity but wow, completely and utterly spent. Now this play-date was on a Wednesday and my husband was on a midnight shift at work. He was up for the beginning of the playing but obviously had to go to bed. Also, when I found out I was pregnant I picked a day I thought I'd go into labor if the scheduled c-section didn't happen first. Anyway, I picked the play-date day. No luck!

That night, or should I say three hours into the early morning the next day, Thursday, labor started.

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