Thursday, June 27, 2013

It's Finally a Swing Set

For our son's fifth birthday we purchased a swing set for our backyard. When it shipped I was really pregnant and it was weeks before the little guy's birthday so my husband and I decided to wait until it was closer time to pick it up from the store and to build it. We were also afraid I might not be as much help because of the huge belly, and we planned to have a little birthday party with family, maybe we could talk them into helping. As you've hopefully read from earlier posts, I went into labor early so my husband had to pick it up from the store while I was in the hospital. A little over a week later we had the birthday party and no one was really interested in helping my husband set it up.

Okay, looks like its up to him and I to build it; he would work on it after work and as soon as I could help I did. It was kind of slow at first with a new baby, a five-year-old, and all the regular house work. We quickly found out that the company, Backyard Discovery, hadn't shipped all the parts, so that delayed us a couple of days. (However, the company was exceptional about sending us the parts at no cost.)

Finished product with our son ready to slide. 
We took a weekend day to get the majority of it built and finished up the following two days. I know that it sounds like a ton of time to build but if we could have had two days without interruptions or possibly even one we would have had it built. Something we both learned - we actually really enjoyed working and building together.

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