Monday, July 8, 2013

Body After Baby

Today I was given clearance from my doctor to resume all activity that was restricted due to a c-section, and my husband and I had decided to do the Insanity Workout program as soon as I was able.

So, today we started.

The first workout day is only a Fit Test to give you a baseline of what you can do, or maybe I should say, what I can't do. It's only 30 minutes and there is a warm-up and cool down. I thought how bad can this really be...the test has eight exercises that are each a minute and you are to keep good form but go as fast as possible. You rest in between each exercise but by the time I was finished, my butt was kicked. I mean really kicked! I'm looking forward to trying tomorrow's exercise AND a little worried about even getting through it. Wish me luck.

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