Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Insanity Exercise - Update

If you ever need or want a complete butt kicking workout, I really recommend the Insanity program. It's crazy, my husband and I are now on our third week of workouts and while I sometimes dread what we are going to do, at the end drenched in sweat and thoroughly exhausted, I feel so much better. Stronger! This week our workouts begin late at night because of the shift my husband is on and the kiddos need to go to bed first. Even though it's only been two days, this has been the most difficult week thus far to even be halfway motivated. However, I refuse to stop because I'm tired, I am slower than what I should be but I'm still pushing.

The workouts are tough and a decent amount of variety, although if you don't like jumping or if you have bad knees or hips this program may not be for you. I am enjoying getting my heart rate up, sweating a ridiculous amount, and found out that I love working out with my husband. The only bad thing, while he pushes himself exceptionally hard he constantly tells me to take a break, go easy, and would completely let me slack. This is difficult for me because I need and prefer someone yelling at me to do better and work harder.

One other thing,  I didn't take the before photos but my body hasn't changed because I eat horribly. So if you want this workout program to really work and benefit you, your diet is extremely important. My husband has lost weight (and he wasn't overweight in any way to begin with) and you can clearly see that he's becoming toned. And yes, I'm insanely jealous but I also know it's because of what I'm putting into my body.

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