Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Momma's Little Gardener

After canning the peppers, my son and I decided we would try to freeze some of the green beans from the garden. He was not very interested in helping me pick the beans off the plants, mainly due to the fact he didn't want to search for the largest ones. We do have a couple really little beans in the mix but now there is a variety.

When I picked all that I thought could and came inside the little guy stood on a chair at the counter and helped me snap off the ends to get them ready to boil.

While he was busy snapping I got the large pot of water boiling. We placed all of the beans in the boiling water for about four minutes and while we were waiting those quick couple of minutes my son got the ice bath ready.

When we both started to smell the green beans we immediately cooled them in the ice water. This was my son's favorite part, mixing and dunking the beans in the ice. After they thoroughly cooled we placed them into the freezer bags.

This is such an easy process and perfect for a five year-old because other than the boiling water, he can help with everything. An additional bonus was that when his dad came home from work, he was able to go through the step by step process and tell what he did to help.

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