Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Flying Monkey 5K

I have recently signed our entire family up for the Flying Monkey 5K Race in August and my son is beyond excited.

A couple of years ago our son, that just had turned two years old, my husband and I participated in my first ever 5K walk and I wasn't entirely sure I would make it. (Previous post.) But I did, we all did. Then last year we participated in another and instead of riding in a stroller our son walked or ran the majority of the three miles. My husband only carried him a small amount because when people cheered our son on, he ran as fast as his little legs would carry him. It was fun to watch and I was pretty proud that he did so well. And he received a ribbon for participating - he was just ecstatic and fully exhausted as you can clearly see in the picture.

Now, each summer he begins to ask if we can do another race and this year we chose the Flying Monkey - mainly because of the name. Who doesn't want a shirt that has a flying monkey on it, well I'm hoping it has a flying monkey on it. This year I believe he will be able to walk the entire time, and as a bonus, the course is completely downhill so I only have to push a stroller down the hill, not up! I'd be kidding myself if I only said our son is excited because I'm looking forward to our whole family participating.

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