Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bye Bye Baseball Season

This baseball season has come and gone extremely fast and I don't think anyone in our family was ready for it to end. Tonight we had to turn in the pants and belt so the season really is over whether we like it or not.

My son started out being so excited about being on the baseball team but not focusing at all on the actual practice or game. At the start of the season he was four years old soon to turn five and I know that age of kids generally have short attention spans but my kid seemed to have a shorter one than anyone else on the entire team. I spent a ton of time telling him he needed to pay attention, look at the batter, quit playing in the dirt and if you don't watch the ball you are going to get hit. His dad would even give him pep talks before practice and games - swing the bat hard, run as fast as you can and when you are in the field pay attention to where the ball is.

The first game was kind of a disaster. I think he was highly intimidated by the crowd, nervous about the first game and the kids weren't quite all friends yet, the team had only practiced twice. Each game he gained more confidence and started to really like playing. He especially liked playing more when daddy went to the games.

He started out only being able to hit off the tee and barely trotting to first base to actively swinging and hitting off the pitch and sprinting around the bases. We still have a long way to go but compared to where he started the season (never playing before the first practice) and where he ended the season was a huge improvement.

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