Sunday, June 23, 2013

Be a Calm and Happy Momma

I have a habit of tearing out pages in magazines of things I like or want to remember, I don't want the whole magazine just a page or portion so it gets ripped out. The problem then becomes...which magazine did I read that in. Anyway, recently I read a small list of 10 Ways to Be a Calm (and Happy) Mom by Valerie Reiss that I want to share with everyone.


for five minutes a day - with your baby, alone, just because. It's fun for Mama and will remind your wee one of happy times in the womb. 

2. Drink Plenty of WATER
hydration balances mood and pretty much every system in your body.

find something hilarious about today, which shouldn't be difficult with your funny little one around. 

4. Sleep when your baby sleeps
cliche and hard to do - but true.

every day, name three things you're thankful for; it's an instant joy boost. 

6. Ask for support
call a trusted friend, visit a welcoming message board - and receive. Also give support - check in with someone to see how she's doing; you'll both benefit. 


fresh veggies make everything better. You can also mash them up in a blender when your baby is ready for food - she may love them too!

preferably outside. Even if you're exhausted, go for a walk. Fresh air is essential to sanity. And when it rains: Pop in a yoga or fitness DVD, or gently stretch. 

9. Write
when you can, take notes. Try the one-sentence journal or a six-word memoir. 

10. Create
Make something each day, even if it's just a doodle. It will help you feel like you. 

Be kind to yourself
You're doing your best. After that: have faith, let go, trust!

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