Friday, May 8, 2009

Broken Eggs

The grocery trip for me is always an adventure; I guess that's one way to look at it. I'm never really sure if I'm going to leave the store with what I needed or even if I'll have any bags in my hands when I do get to the car. Sometimes you read things in a magazine or hear something on television about a mom or dad having to leave the store because their child is having a meltdown...that sometimes is me! I've actually gotten over half of the shopping down and my little guy just can't take being there anymore and lets me and anyone in a ten mile radius know that he is not happy and we must leave immediately.

Well, tonight was quite a little adventure, of course we went through trying to eat my grocery list (this always happens), trying to tear apart any coupons I may have, throwing toys, and the usual trying to get me to pick him up so he doesn't have to sit in the cart. This last one is my personal favorite. Have you ever tried to hold a squirming 11 month old, push a full cart, and try to get something off the bottom shelf? Quite fun! But I have to say, I made it to the check out counter and inside I am jumping for joy...this is it, the last stretch before the finish line. We are waiting in line and my little guy is reaching for the magazines beside us; caught it before he ripped it, yes, and one point for mom. He reaches back and grabs the buns; moved it before he smashed them, yes, two points for mom. Someone says hi to me and I turn my head to say hello...oh no, I turned my head! Just as I look back at my son, he has already reached onto the conveyer belt, somehow managed to get the eggs open and pull them off. Every single one of those eggs fell and broke, and one amazing point for baby. I just looked at him and said well you managed to break all of them. He looked up at me with those big innocent eyes and just smiled. He was so proud, Mommy was so embarrassed.

Two out of three isn't bad right?!

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  1. very funny story good writing he sounds like quite a handful