Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ashes, Ashes, It's All Over Him

Yesterday my husband got our quarter of a beef and as he was unloading it, I was putting it the freezer. He placed the large boxes near me and I was dividing and trying to organize it on the shelves. I mentioned for him to keep an eye on the baby because I couldn't see him and this was going to take me a couple minutes. And our son only needs seconds to get into something.
About five minutes into this small project my husband yelled, "oh, oh no, no, get out of that. Oh don't eat it!" I dropped everything and went running, but I was too late. Instead of seeing my fresh faced little boy, I saw a little boy absolutely covered in ashes and grinning from ear to ear. He had crawled over to a bucket where we keep the ashes from our wood burner and dumped the entire bucket onto his lap. But he quickly decided that it wasn't enough to just play in it, he had to taste them.
Now, I should have raced to get the camera to take a picture of this classic moment and then show him the picture in years down the road but instead I swiped my fingers in his mouth to get all of it out, took him to the sink washing his hands, face, arms, legs, feet, shoes, and hurried to get his clothes off before he touched anything. He just smiled and was so proud of himself. He thinks it's a blast when I have to rinse him in the sink. Sorry to say this wasn't the first time he's been rinsed off in the sink. Oh, what a mess!

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