Sunday, May 10, 2009

Three Special Drops

Today was so very special; this is the first year that I got to be a mom on Mother's Day. My wonderful husband woke me up to two beautiful cards, one from him and one from my ornery son that told me I'm the best Mommy ever. I also received a coffee gift card, oh some mornings I just can't get the day started without it. And if you knew my husband you would know that he's not particularly fond of me drinking coffee so it was extra sweet, but we are getting away from the three special presents.

First our family decided to go to the store to get top soil for our landscaping projects and a small gardening shovel. When we got out of the car we smelled something that wasn't exactly roses. Okay back in the car and on our way home to get the little one cleaned up and then have some lunch. I had asked to go out for ice cream after lunch; our whole family loves it, even the dog. We load up in the car, we arrive and again we smell something that wasn't exactly roses. Seriously how many times will this child go in a day?! We all had a nice relaxing afternoon, everyone was asleep so I decided to be outside for a little while. Dinner is now over and I needed to run out one last time for bread (I forgot this when I was grocery shopping and if you are wondering why please see broken eggs post and you will understand) so my husband can have lunch. Baby and I arrive at the store and when I go to get him out of the car seat, again I smell something that wasn't exactly roses.

Third times a charm! He hates the car seat so I think he may be doing it out of spite.

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