Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Along with a new job…

My husband was given the opportunity to have a new, more stable job and after weighing all the pros, growth, stability, and the cons, moving, not being near my family, we decided he should take the position. He was driving over two hours to get to work and then over two to get home, six times a week, which would drive anyone crazy. So we decided that we would rent a small place, that way he could come home each weekend and the baby and I would stay a couple nights through the week.

We assumed we would slowly transition, sell our home, and I would search for a new job. That slow transition turned into a downright sprint. I received a wonderful position and it was decided that husband, baby, and I would move into the rental and try to sell our house as fast as possible.

What you don’t yet understand is the rental…a small, two-bedroom, dirty trailer with a neighbor that wasn’t even cordial. I am not bashing trailers or trailer parks by any means; I lived in a trailer court until 3 years of age and a trailer until 10 years of age, but this particular trailer was gross. Although, I cleaned and it was temporary, so I kind of got passed that. Kind of! The three bottles of Lysol, 409, Pine Sol, and air fresheners helped. The outlets didn’t always work, the stove would quit halfway through a meal, and the faulty wires all added to my particular love of the new place. The part that I could not, maybe would not, get passed is the laundry, at the Laundromat. I’ve never liked going to the Laundromat, it’s always been a pet peeve of mine, especially because I wash a ton of clothes. Too bad, so sad, I had to, every Saturday and sometimes once through the week.

This all just scratches the surface of my real life nightmare. But thankfully, the nightmare is over!

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