Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Quick Laundromat

The next Saturday when we went back, same morning routine of packing, things seemed to be going okay, the feces were still there but I checked every single washer thoroughly before I put in any clothes. I did manage to save a lady from putting her clothes in the soiled washer and she so very nicely told me that the owner was outside and I should let him know. Great, fabulous, I now have the pleasure of telling the owner about his disgusting washer. Never ever thought or wanted to be this person.

I walk out to tell him what happened, and I’m sure my face was red, wouldn’t yours be?! He casually walks in, looks, turns to me and asks, “What should I do?” Now I wanted to scream and tell him to get it out, it’s disgusting, it’s gross, and don’t you look at anything, or haven’t you smelled it in the past week! But I didn’t; I looked and said I would go home, get clothes, wrap my arm in a plastic garbage bag and pick it out. This is not what he had in mind… ”let’s just wash it.” And that is exactly what he did, ever wash crap? Well it doesn’t go away; it just goes into many, many pieces throughout the entire washer.

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