Wednesday, September 18, 2013

End of Summer Fun

Summer is soon ending and we are trying to enjoy every last drop of it, but we also look forward to autumn, my favorite season. The fall season means cooler weather but still that pretty sunshine with a gentle breeze, the leaves changing colors of bright red and burnt orange, and football, especially college football.

My husband absolutely loves college football, possibly more than NFL and because we've been together for so long, I guess he rubbed off on me. We've started kind of a tradition and each year go to a game, last year we attended a Pittsburgh Panthers vs. Virginia Tech game and Pittsburgh won. The best part when I bought the tickets I hadn't noticed that I purchased tickets in the Virginia Tech section - so glad we won. I even lost my voice from cheering/screaming.

Anyway, this year we received tickets for our birthdays and will go in a couple weekends but last weekend tickets were priced extremely low and on a whim we thought we'd go and take our son. Originally I had planned on taking the baby (3 and 1/2 months) but decided that might not be such a great plan because of the noise. So that meant first real time that momma has been away from her little baby girl. But our son gets dad and mom's undivided attention, aside from the game.

We only stayed for the first half but it was worth it to take him to the stadium, see the game, and to get lunch. I think the pizza may have been his favorite part. He knows that he won't be able to go to the next game so he decided to build a television to watch the next game and try to see us.

Painting the television he helped build.

***And as a side note - the little baby girl did extremely well with my mom, although she was furious with me for leaving her. She made pouting faces at me and cried when I picked her up for about an hour after we returned. Momma didn't do as well as she did. :)

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