Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fall Pictures

Taking great photographs and capturing those great moments with a camera isn't my strong suit but I try to remember to take as many pictures as I can when I remember my camera. I love looking at actual printed photos of my kids but I seem to keep the majority of them on my computer and generally when I send pictures to the grandparents or extended family they are sent as a picture message through the phones. Printing a picture I've taken with my phone...well those never turn out. 

My husband and I tossed around the idea of getting a photographer to take photos of the kids outside in the fall. However, when I started looking into some of the ones I found online, I saw the cost associated and because the baby is only 4 months, I didn't know if it would be worth it. What if she screamed the entire time, how long would it take before both kids melted down, and with not knowing a trusted photographer, well we decided against it. 

Although we decided against getting them professionally taken this year, I still wanted pictures. I decided I would try to take some staged photos, knowing that I couldn't take any that would be extraordinary by any means but I wanted some to put into frames in the house. I set up the little scene below and tried my best. And for our purposes, they turned out just fine. I figure having really cute kids helps my photographer ability. ~smiles~

Fall 2013

Baby is starting to scream and
my son is doing his version
of smiling.

Really screaming now
and still fake smiling. 

The baby is now in my arms
and I asked my son to think of something funny.
Finally a real smile. 

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