Monday, February 24, 2014

Chicks Dig It

After preschool my son wanted to play outside for a little bit even though it was a windy, 35 degrees. Knowing he's tired of being stuck inside I said just make sure you come in when you get cold. I started to prepare dinner and I heard the front door open and shut, so he must be coming inside. I called for him to walk into the kitchen but didn't hear any noise so I walked into the living room, he wasn't there, I walked to the front door and saw his coat and shoes. The baby was asleep so I went up to his room thinking maybe he went up there. No kiddo in the house. I walked outside and he's still outside with roller skates and a sweatshirt. I told him it's freezing and he needs a coat, I walked back in to get him a coat and he met me on the porch. He needed his tennis shoes, and he informed me that he started at the top of the driveway and rode his bike down the hill without braking or wrecking. I told him to be careful because he doesn't want to hurt himself. 
And the response….

"Pain hurts, but only for a minute
Yeah life is short so go on and live it
'Cause the chicks dig it"

(We listen to a lot of country in this house, so if you don't know the song by Chris Cagle - Chicks Dig It, I encourage you to listen to the whole song.)

He laughed and ran off down the driveway for his bike. 

Playing in the mulch.

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