Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pledge of Allegiance

When my son was younger he had those few words that he consistently said wrong and as a parent I hated to correct him because it was just so darn cute. Every parent remembers at least a couple that their kids said and some of my son's included:
chep up for ketchup
pamcakes for pancakes
tembers for tenders
My husband would sometimes call him "son" and I used "sweetie" a lot. It got to the point that our son would look at my husband and say, "I not son, I feetie." We still laugh over that one.
But as they grow, it's necessary to correct them because they need to learn and of course you want them to learn the correct words.

Now our son is five, we don't hear these cute little words anymore, now and then we get something that comes out a little funny, but it's rare. So last night at the dinner table I was holding the baby and telling her that her brother would soon start preschool and what he'd get to do during the day. One of the things I mentioned was The Pledge of Allegiance. My son started saying it and when he stumbled, I'd prompt and he'd continue. He was at the very end and said, "...indivisible, with liberty and BEYOND!" Just like Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story. I couldn't hold in my laughter, let alone control it, pretty soon he was laughing at me laughing.

It's these silly little moments that make me really think about and treasure the innocence.

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