Saturday, August 24, 2013

Insanity Program - 2 Weeks Left

Well only two full weeks left of our Insanity workout program and I'm feeling a little sad that it's almost over. Now, don't get me wrong, there are many days that I dread taking the time to do the workouts but I always feel better after I've finished. I looked a little like a drowned rat with all of the sweat pouring off of me but I feel like I can do anything after getting a butt kicking workout.

The second month is a lot more difficult that the first and it also takes a lot more time to complete the dvd but it's also fun, especially when my husband and I do one together. This past week my husband was on a tough work shift for us to complete together so some days we worked out separately, it's not as much fun to do by yourself so if you want to do the workouts and stick with them, try to find a partner or friend that wants to participate. A special bonus - the workouts seem to go much faster when you can talk to someone, or at least try to talk after catching your breath.

While working out today, my husband asked me what I'd like for my birthday (we have the same birthday but he's a year older) and I said I thought about asking him to purchase and do another workout program with me. I figured he would be completely against this but surprisingly he was into the idea. So does anyone recommend another workout program? Or should we just repeat Insanity?

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