Friday, March 21, 2014

Spy Gear

Old spy watch.
Mission - Picture with the baby sister. 
The other day my son received a couple new toys, more specifically a spy gear watch, a motion alarm, and two distraction alarm spheres. He's really into the spy thing and plays a ton at home and now plays at preschool with the other boys. The boys like to spy on the girls.

He had a watch that he pretended worked so he could receive his missions prior to the new deluxe watch. The new spy stuff beeps, makes all kinds of distracting noises, and lights up. Trust me, it works really well. He has set the motion alarm up so when his baby sister crawls past it, the thing screams with noise. He also jumps over top of the laser so his sister crawls after him and continually sets it off.

The new spy stuff!
Even before these new toys, he had asked to take the old watch to school so the boys could all receive the mission. I had told him unless it's 'show and tell day' he couldn't take toys to school, in part because I don't want him to get in trouble and also because I'm afraid he'd lose them. I normally double check the backpack each morning before school to make sure everything is together…lunch is in there, the homework and folder are included, and any projects are kept at home. Plus we don't have toys in the pockets. My son knows I get it ready each school day.

On this particular morning, we had our normal routine and went to school. We are in the car line for the drop off and he hugs his little sister, jumps out, my window goes down so I can tell him to have a good day and quietly say "I love you," because evidently, even at 5 years-old it's embarrassing for your mom to say this in front of friends. Anyway, he mouths something to me. I told him that I wasn't sure what he was saying, thinking maybe he was saying he loved me too. A huge grin spread across his face, he excitedly yelled, "my new spy gear watch is in my pocket," turns around and runs for the school door.
I'm in a car line with tons of people behind me, the baby is in the car, and he's running. Yep, my son - 1, mom - 0.

When I picked him up later that day, I asked if he left the watch in his locker. He very softly told me the teacher told him he needed to stop playing with it and eventually it went in the locker for the remainder of school. I mentioned that from now on he has to let spy stuff at home, he can receive his mission before he gets in the car. He smiled and said, "at least I got to take it today!" Not sure if that's another point for him, but I know I'm still losing.

Baby sister wants to play too, not just set off the motion alarm. 

Letting her borrow the sphere for the picture. 

"Oh please let me play brother, puhlease!"

"Forget it, I'll make mom push me in my new swing!"

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