Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter Eggs

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.

My son's break lasts until Friday so he's still in relax and eat all the candy he can mode. He has also continually talked about the Easter Egg Hunt he had at my aunt's. And is constantly telling his baby sister how much better he is at finding eggs than she is - he's 5, she's 10 months.

When my son was almost two, my husband and I took him to a community egg hunt close to where we lived and I had my eyes opened. I had never heard of people just scattering all the eggs on the ground or watched adults race for eggs while knocking over little, tiny kids. They were claiming to help their kids but...well when you are knocking over toddlers, you aren't just helping. My husband tried to stand by one egg and let our son walk to it, however it was quickly picked up by an adult. It looked as if my husband may rip it back out of her hand, but he clenched his jaw and found another egg. Let me mention that because we didn't expect the adults picking up eggs, finding just one was a little harder than you may think. People run! And I'm not referring to the kids. Anyway, he found one egg, brought it close to my son, set it down to let our son "find" it. We cheered for him and then abruptly left. I never wanted to experience that again!

The following years I found much smaller hunts but it was always the same, eggs just scattered on the ground, no hidden eggs while little kids search. I also found ones that adults don't hunt, I mean help. (Unless it's actually helping the little, little kids.) We also hide eggs in our yard for our son to find because he likes searching and then we switch - he hides them for one of us to find.

This year, my aunt invited us to her house for dinner and an egg hunt. I knew he would love this! I knew I would love this.

So each little one was given a basket, identified their name and the color eggs they needed to find, and then were off to search. 

Each kiddo had 12 eggs to look for...

...the decorations and set up were beyond fantastic....

...checking to see how many eggs we still needed to find. Thankfully my uncle made the younger kiddos much easier to find. The older kids (ages 5 and 6) had to look a little harder, like in the trees. 

The girls with the boots! 

Aren't they precious!

After all the eggs, it was time for lunch. 

Egg hunting is hard work, they were hungry. 

The pictures tell a little of the story, but they don't even begin to tell you how much fun my kids had. The baby girl would smile and get excited when we found her eggs, not that she really knew exactly what was going on, but happy anyway. 

After lunch the kids pulled out the stickers (among the other goodies) that were in their eggs and got to match them to wrapped gifts. I would have never even thought of something like this, my son was so excited he couldn't calm down. The kids chased each other around, played, pushed at each other, played, ate goodies, and played more. 

Everything was thought of - decorations, fun, dinner, and kids playing. It was such a special time and while we don't live across the country from family, we don't always get together a lot and my kids love to spend time with their cousins. 

How did you spend your Easter? Egg hunts? A family outing? :) I'd love for you to share with me. 

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