Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dentist Waiting Room Book

My son had a dentist appointment on the calendar this week and maybe most parents don't mind going to routine cleanings or even doctor's appointments, but I dread them. I always take both my kids to these 'well child visits' and my son to the dentist but I just can't help but wish we didn't have to go and wait in the waiting room. Now their current pediatrician and the pediatric dentist are phenomenal and I would recommend to anyone, especially the pediatrician but I think from previous experiences, I'm predetermined to cringe when I see the appointments on our calendar. The waiting room can turn very quickly into a stressful meltdown situation.

We arrive at the dentist and my son races to the building as I'm carrying the baby girl in the car seat that she sees as a 5-point harness death trap. She screams, cling to my hair or shirt before I can pull her away and into the seat to go anywhere. I thought, well I had hoped, that maybe, just maybe she'd fall asleep on the drive so she would sleep like a little angel during the dentist check-up. Oh silly momma, such wishful thinking!

Luckily we made it down the steps without running into anyone and walked into the waiting room. Only one person - oh this is great, maybe we'll be next. As I was signing my son in, he had already found a book for me to read.

I sat down beside him and began to read "Listen, Buddy" and as soon as I started the baby girl decided she couldn't stand the car seat a minute longer and needed out immediately. The woman in the waiting room, looked up at the screaming and I imagine thought, 'oh great a screaming baby, and this mom is going to read out loud to her kid.' In my defense, I bounced the baby girl so she would stop fussing and read quietly to my son.

The book he chose was about a rabbit not listening, whose father has a big nose - he is a great sniffer and whose mother has beautiful teeth - she is a great chomper. Buddy, the young rabbit, has beautiful, big ears, but he mishears everything because he doesn't listen, including when they give him directions for his first long hop. Instead of the path to the left and to the pond, he takes the path to the right straight to the cave of Scruffy Varmint. Scruffy directs Buddy to gather ingredients to make soup and put it on the fire. Buddy dumps the soup in the fire and Scruffy Varmint says he's going to have bunny rabbit soup instead! Buddy barely escapes but when he does make it home, he starts to listen to his parents.

Overall, it's a very cute story. However at the end of me reading it to my son, I asked him if he understood. He looks straight up at me and replies, not really, I wasn't really listening. AAAAAHHHH!

The woman sitting in the waiting room, started to laugh, she tried very hard to not let my son see but really, how can you not laugh. I read 30 pages about listening, and how important it is, the bunny almost was soup because he refused to listen, and my son didn't pay a bit of attention.

This is my life! :)

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