Monday, July 7, 2014

Birthday Party Fun

I can say that I haven't posted because it's summer and we love to be outside, or that my son is no longer in preschool, or even the baby is getting older and more active but the truth is...I haven't posted because well, I've been lackadaisical about it. I also have been posting pictures on Instagram, which is great because it reminds me to take photos, please consider checking it out.

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Our family has actually had a lot going on, at the end of May we had a shared birthday party for the kiddos and I probably went a little overboard. Last year our son turned five but I just had the baby girl so we didn't have a big party. We had some family over for pizza and cake but little friends weren't invited. I actually had planned to have family at our house the weekend I was in the hospital, so we postponed the small celebration. Anyway, I felt a ton of guilt because our son had asked to invite his class and friends, and I couldn't do it. So this year we made up for it. Plus it was the baby girl's first birthday.

We planned a carnival theme with games, hamburgers and hotdogs, popcorn, and ice cream. I remembered most of the party details and things I wanted to have...except for taking pictures. I forgot, so I've had to rely on asking friends and family to send the ones they captured.

I had plenty of carnival games:
 - Kissing Booth - the kids guessed how many Hershey kisses were in the jar
 - Duck Pond - pick up any duck out of the water and receive a prize (more for the baby girl to play in the water)
 - Shoot Off - use a water gun to shoot ping pong balls off of golf tees
 - Baseball Throw - throw baseballs to knock down cans
 - Punch-a-Bunch - punch your hand through tissue paper to receive a prize
 - Putt Putt - golfing
 - Ring Toss - throw rings around empty glass bottles

We had the party at our local playground and out of all these games, the kids really preferred to run around playing on the slide, swings, and monkey bars. Kids are happy, momma's happy.

I wish I would have remembered to take a photo of the ice cream cart we rented, this was probably the coolest thing we did. Six flavors, three syrups, and three toppings! My son was beyond sugar overload with chocolate ice cream, chocolate fudge, and topped with chocolate crushed Oreos. Then cake, plus I believe I heard that he opened the Hershey kisses jar to grab a handful.

As for the baby girl, she enjoyed her smash cake but wasn't as crazy about it as our son was when he turned one. He would have eaten the entire cake if we would have allowed it. No, the baby girl loves food much more than sweets.

The party was so much fun but overall it was just great to have so many family and friends celebrating their birthdays.

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