Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Nail Polish

This only shows a little of the mess. 
Baby sister really enjoys dumping, throwing, and pitching items out of a container. Whether that's my purse, a basket, or toy boxes, everything gets removed.

It's actually cute when she throws it out and over her little head. Well it's cute cute the first time, even the second time, but after the fifth time in different rooms, it's not quite so adorable. It gets to be a little exhausting but she thinks it's great and has so much fun.

I have had a bag in the bedroom sitting on the floor that had a variety of things in it: a jump rope, a toothbrush, bottles of nail polish, and kid tub tablets (the ones that change the color of the bath water). Well baby sister loved ripping the items out of the bag whenever she was in my room so I never emptied the bag to put things in their spot. It kept her occupied.

Silly Momma!!!

A couple of days ago my husband and son were fixing something in the master bathroom, I was putting laundry away, and baby sister was emptying the bag. Giggling and throwing things out. Just as I reached into the closet to put towels aways I heard the crack of glass. She took two nail polish bottles and smacked them together with all of her one-year-old might.
Yes, one broke, all over her clothes, hands, legs, all over me because I immediately picked her up to get her in the sink, and of course all over the floor. She had so much polish on her that my husband moved her into the bath. Sparkly burnt orange nail polish does not come off easily. We used nail polish remover on her then quickly bathed her with soap and water so the remover didn't affect her skin. We also didn't want her overwhelmed with the smell.

After three rounds and nail polish splotches all over her body, I decided we'd break and I'd try to get the sink, bathtub, and carpet cleared. The first two were a success, the carpet - not so much. Burnt orange isn't a color that wants to be removed from light carpet. I've tried nail polish remover, some name brand spot and stain remover carpet cleaner, and windex. I guess the silver lining - the nail polish wasn't red, no one needs to think it was blood.

My husband is not nearly as worried about the carpet as I am and said, "one day you'll laugh about it." Eventually he'll be right but as for yesterday and today, it's not funny. Keep your fingers crossed for tomorrow.

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