Sunday, February 17, 2013

Moving - Just the Start

We are just starting the moving process again and I can say that I hate moving our stuff. It's not too often that I ever use the word hate but I do and I can't help it. I don't like packing, unpacking, moving it in vehicles and especially don't like other people touching my stuff. It always takes me back to the time when I was moving out of my college dorm and my dad was "tired of moving my junk" and proceeded to kick things down two flights of stairs. I'm very thankful that we are going to have help, believe me, truly appreciative but it gives me some anxiety because it's my stuff and I'd prefer not to have it thrown or kicked.

A little background - this is our third house in about six years and I know people, especially in the military, move a lot more often than this and I don't know how they do it. We moved to this area about four years ago and bought our second house and while the house was great; fantastic actually, the location didn't exactly suit our needs or wants. My husband and I talked about moving back home so we listed the house and to our surprise it sold in about 25 hours. We were thankful, ecstatic and felt extremely blessed because it's not too often that houses sell that quickly. Just one minor problem...we didn't have a new house to go to so we thought maybe we should rent in our current location until we found our new house. As you know, things change and we decided we should probably just stay in this area and call it home. After about nine long months of renting we are starting to move into our new home. 

This week begins with the painters ripping off the wallpaper and painting, the new carpet being installed in the upstairs and then an initial cleaning from a local couple. If I haven't mentioned I'm expecting an addition to our family in the summer so I'm not as much of a help as I wish I could be. Not only can I not lift the heavy items like previous moves but also can't even scrub the house. I'm forced to rely on other people which just makes me nervous. I know that I'm paying, probably more than I should for some of the services, but it just give me a little bit of anxiety. I like to do things myself and I don't like to pay for things like cleaning services. Wish me luck this week and upcoming weekend. 

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