Friday, February 1, 2013

Penny Wars

My little guy
unwrapping pennies
for his class.
Today ends Catholic Schools Week which means a conclusion to Penny Wars but we still aren't sure who won. The goal of the game is for a classroom to collect the most pennies and each morning kids bring in their bags or jars of pennies to be put into their classroom's container. The catch - there is a designated 'bombing' period when students visit other classrooms and drop silver coins into the container. The amount of the silver coins is then subtracted from the total pennies in the jar. The top three classrooms are announced each afternoon so kids can plan their strategy for the following day. With the exception of the last day - hopefully we find out Monday if the preschool class won, my son's class was in the top three on Tuesday but he only goes three days a week so keep your fingers crossed.

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