Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day Party

Today was the big Valentine's Day Party at preschool and the kids and mom volunteers seemed to have a great time. I know I did. The little ones started out with being able to make their own sundaes, vanilla ice cream with a real fruit topping of their choice and the not to be forgotten whipped cream. The kids were excited about the ice cream but I think they would have liked anything besides goldfish. Goldfish are a great snack and they all seem to enjoy them but as a parent you know they are common.

Anyway after the preschoolers finished we moved on to the games and craft stations.

Station 1 - Craft: We painted the kids hands bright red so they could make a handprint heart on paper. Special note to parents - kids love paint and when you paint their hands with a brush they think it's "one of the coolest things ever."

Station 2 - Game: Place the sticker heart on cupid's heart - Valentine version of pin the tail on the donkey. The kids liked helping spin their classmate around three times.

Station 3 - Game: Move the tissue paper heart from the table to the bowl by using only a straw. After the kids got the hang of this, we would give them a minute to see how fast they could go and then they counted the hearts to see how many they had. (I can say this is the game I brought and while I thought it would fail because it wasn't fun enough - the kids really loved it and I was pleasantly shocked.)

Station 4 - Craft: Decorate the I love you sign language heart. No mess, no fuss and kids love stickers.

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