Saturday, February 2, 2013

Conversation Heart #2

If you could be invisible for an entire day, what would you do? 

That was the question from tonight's Conversation Hearts and tonight we were all able to enjoy dinner together along with a Saturday night movie, The Little Rascals

Son's answer: I'd play the Wii all day if I got to be invisible. 
Husband's answer: I think I'd spy on people because they wouldn't know I was there. 
My answer: I'd play fun tricks on people so they wouldn't know what's happening. 

Our son was very intrigued to know what kind of tricks I'd play so I started with when daddy put toothpaste on his toothbrush I'd hurry and wipe it off without him looking at the brush. Then when he reapplied it, I'd wipe it off again so he'd feel silly. Then I told him that while we was watching television and eating a chocolate covered pretzel for dessert, I'd move the pretzel behind him so he couldn't see it. (Just as a side note - my husband and son love Sarris Candies chocolate covered pretzels so when we have them in the house they don't last long.) My husband looked at me like I was losing it by teaching my son how to play silly little tricks because he's mischievous enough without me helping. have to be kids. And yes, I'm well aware that the statement I just made will come back around full circle at a different time. 

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