Sunday, January 27, 2013

Conversation Hearts - Countdown to Valentine's Day

I wanted to make some sort of countdown to Valentine's Day for our family but I was looking for something other than presents or gifts. I was reading another blog online about a family that put a bunch of questions on paper, cut them apart and placed them in a box at their dinner table. Each night one of the family members picked out a question and they all had to answer - now the family had older kids so much more in depth questions but I loved the concept. I wish I could remember the mom's blog because I would link back. 

Okay so how do I make this look like it's for Valentine's Day and incorporate some sort of countdown? (Please keep in mind that I am not the most arts and crafty person; not even close to being mediocre.) 

I decided to make Conversation Hearts our way. I came up with 14 different questions that included, what is your favorite book, what do you like to do on a sunny day and if you could have one magical power what would it be. I plan to cover each question and how it was answered in upcoming posts so please come back to read. I then put a question on each pink or red strip, folded in half and shaped like a heart. I paper chained them together so we can hang on our pantry door and my son can pick off a heart each night, starting February 1st. I'm really looking forward to hearing my son's and husband's answers, especially the magical power question. Actually, I'm not sure what power I will pick. What about you? 

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