Thursday, January 31, 2013


When I go to the gym I always take my iPod and headphones and this is about the only time I listen to music, unless it's the radio in the car. My husband really enjoys listening to certain songs and a lot of them mean something to him. My choice of music is generally faster and upbeat - because I workout to it. While my husband is almost strictly a country music listener, I listen to some pop along with country and maybe a little bit more variety. I do not listen to Justin Bieber -  sorry just not a fan; however, for some reason that I am still not aware of our son seems to like listening to his songs. The Beauty and the Beat song comes on the radio very often and we don't spend a lot of time in the car and each time it plays, my son will ask for me to turn it up. With rolling eyes, I generally do.

The other day I stopped to refuel my tank and turned the car off and gave him my phone to listen too. I showed him how to seek through the songs, turn the volume up or down and remove the sync with the car when I started it again. I have a clean version of Live My Life by Far East Movement that features Bieber, so we started with that. And while he did like listening to it a little bit he found a new favorite - Carrie Underwood. I think I heard the same song about five times in a row because I believe he just likes looking at her picture. Now when we go anywhere my son asks for my phone to listen to music and we always have to listen to an Underwood song. 

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