Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sled Riding

We've been a part of the arctic blast for the last couple of days as I had mentioned in a previous post and haven't been able to go outside unless it's too hurry to get to the car or get in the door, let alone play. But yesterday it warmed up just enough to snow about five inches. Which was fantastic because that's just enough snow to be outside and go sled riding. After 30 minutes of sledding down the hill, walking down to meet my son to help him back up because the hill is just steep enough that sometimes he can't quite get up with the snow pants, jacket, gloves and sled holding him back, our hands were freezing. Time to go inside for hot cocoa and decaf coffee for momma. We went out again for another 30 minutes after he were warmed only to do the process all over again. I can say I loved every single minute of it, I may have enjoyed it more than a four year old. And you know what...I'm perfectly okay with that. :)

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