Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ever Play Shadow

I'm sure everyone remembers asking someone or being asked to play 'shadow.' There may be different names of the game, but you ask someone if they want to play shadow and repeat everything they say, basically just to annoy someone.

Today I tried to teach my little guy to play, we were at home just being silly and I asked him if he wanted to play and then continued to repeat anything he said, "I like the ninja turtles, Mommy what are you doing, no what are you doing, I just asked YOU that." He started to giggle and laugh, it was contagious. After we composed ourselves just a little I explained the rule - once you ask someone if they want to play, you repeat everything.

It worked as long as I didn't ask him a question, because instead of repeating he answered each question. It was so sweet and cute that I couldn't help but laugh, which again is contagious. I told him he'd have to try to play with daddy.

When daddy got home, he tried so hard to play without answering when his dad said, "what's shadow?"

Instead he looked right at me and said, "mom can you explain the rule?!" Questions seem to throw him off.

I think we need some more practice; however, one day I feel I'll regret teaching the game to a four-year-old that talks non-stop anyway.

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